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Case Studies

I was also a research assistant for the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and MIT Media Lab’s “Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence” initiative:

  • Aida Joaquin Acosta, “What Governments Across the Globe Are Doing to Seize the Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles,” Harvard Berkman Klein Center: Policy Paper on Autonomous Vehicles, 2018. [pdf]

  • Aida Joaquin Acosta, “3 Practical Tools to Help Regulators Develop Better Laws and Policies,” Harvard Berkman Klein Center: Policy Paper on Autonomous Vehicles, 2018. [pdf]

  • Ryan Budish, Herbert Burkert, Urs Gasser, “Encryption Policy and Its International Impacts: A Framework for Understanding Extraterritorial Ripple Effects,” Stanford University Hoover Institution: Aegis Series Paper on National Security, Technology and Law, 2018. [pdf]


I’ve conducted research at the University of California San Diego’s Design Lab (led by Don Norman), Harvard’s Intelligent Interactive Systems Lab (led by Krzysztof Gajos) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

  • Narges Mahyar, Michael R. James, Michelle M. Ng, Reginald A. Wu, Steven P. Dow, “CommunityCrit: Inviting the Public to Improve and Evaluate Urban Design Ideas through Micro-Activities,” ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference (CHI), 2018 April 21, 26, Montreal Canada. [pdf]

  • Michelle M. Ng, Joseph Firth, Mia Minnen, John Torous, “User Engagement in Mental Health Apps: A Review of Measurement, Reporting, and Validity,” Journal of Psychiatric Services (American Psychiatric Association), 2019. [pdf]

  • Michelle M. Ng, John Torous, “Usability of Mobile Mental Health Apps.” Poster presented at: ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference (CHI), 2018 April 21-26, Montreal, Canada.


Take a look at my photography portfolio.

Take a look at my photography portfolio.


I’ve produced multimedia for a daily newspaper (News-Multimedia Executive, Harvard Crimson), two research institutes, a student-run production studio, NGOs and more.

  • Fiction film selected for screening at Harvard cultural festival (2017)

  • Photograph selected for exhibition at Harvard Office for the Arts (2017)

  • Harvard Foundation Award for Intercultural and Race Relations (2016)

  • Three photographs exhibited at Harvard Art Show (2016)

  • Film screened by World Health Organization and World Bank at first-ever conference about global mental health care (2016)


“Citizen science to empower women in community-based groundwater governance," REACH Blog, 2018.

“Giving water a second life," The International Water Management Institute, 2018.

“The Importance of Land and the Impacts of Loss," Planetary Health Alliance, 2018.

“Helping Doctors Find the Best Cure for Cancer," The Jackson Laboratory, 2018.

“Preserving Fertility," The Jackson Laboratory, 2015.

“Getting to Know Ewelina Bolcun-Filas, Ph.D.," The Jackson Laboratory, 2015.


Planetary Health

Science and Policy of Climate Change

Biosocial Perspectives in Global Health

Politics of Environmental Racism

Political Economy of the Environment

Independent Research: Digital Psychiatry

Abstraction and Design in Computation

Design and Ethics of Intelligent Systems

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History and Philosophy of Media

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