Best Workouts Ever

After three and a half weeks...I FINALLY attended a "physical" SPE! And not just one, but TWO back-to-back. It's been on my bucket list for the past forever, so I'm glad it finally happened; and they were so. much. fun.

This morning was fairly standard, what with me waking up immediately before tutoring, struggling a bit to be patient with my student as I tried to get him to focus on his writing, the interns holding Cultural Literacy outside in today's lovely sunshine and talking about resumes, etc. During lunch, I sat with some Form 6 girls who were discussing with one TA (who graduated last year) how she's going to dress and look while attending university in the UK this fall. One girl was all excited about taking her shopping and teaching her how to do makeup and discussing whether to relax her hair or wear braids or what, which was quite endearing. I may or may not have invited myself on their shopping trip, as I'd selfishly love to observe the prep process for moving to a completely different continent (even though I'd be absolutely no help whatsoever).

(And complete side note, but there was also a new type of pie dessert today, which was v exciting.)

Next, I was supposed to meet with a student, who didn't show up. :( So I found myself with a bit of extra time on my hands and used it to finish the Haruki Murakami book "After Dark" that I'd gotten super into. I'm sad it's over, but it reminded me just how unconventional yet believable his characters and how "weird" yet insightful his storylines are. I also have "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro checked out, which I've heard a lot about and hope is as good as people say!

Onto today's new SPEs...Siqi and Jocelyn have been attending Bollywood Dance and Zumba, and they've said such awesome things about both that I really wanted to give them a try. Unfortunately, because of interhouse play rehearsals, the Bollywood Dance instructor (who it turns out is a Form 6 student I've met with about studying film a few times!) wasn't there; so Siqi and Jocelyn headed out and the girls who were present took it upon themselves to spend the entire hour teaching me all the steps to two dances! Let me tell you, it was a lot of pressure, considering that 1) I've never really learned how to dance, and 2) the room had a glass wall that opened up into the Bean Bag Cafe gathering area for everyone to see haha. I found that I picked up the choreography fairly quickly, but had trouble with some hip motions and faster sequences. It was a BLAST though, and I met a new student who worked super closely and patiently with me while I learned and whom I absolutely LOVE. I so want to come back next week, if no tutoring sessions come up.

Next, I stuck around after Bollywood Dance for Zumba! Siqi, Jocelyn, and around twenty other girls (and one Form 1 boy who's absolutely adorable) were here for this hour of side steps and jumping and fist pumps. I didn't find it to be a super challenging workout, but I hope it will make me a better dancer haha. The choreography was fun, and I was SO impressed by one Form 1 boarder who makes all the steps look so easy and fun and just has awesome rhythm. You could tell that she was so into it and happy, and I loved seeing that.

After Bollywood and Zumba, I was already in workout clothes and decided to go for a quick run to recenter around the perimeter of the school. I've become super comfortable with that path now, and I found running in the sun by myself and listening to music to be uplifting and a grounding part of my day!

Next was dinner and then...GAME OF THRONES SEASON 6 FINALE!!!! Was I slightly (read: extremely) salty to hear that Jazil, Harsh, and Zach had ALL obtained and watched it individually already? Yes. But it was all good, because last night at duty a Form 6 girl who's one of the boarders I'm closest to gave me the download; so I showered, got all settled in my bed with some Oreos, and then began watching. Heba came home mid-way through (having fallen during soccer practice and with a sprained ankle and scraped knee, ouch) and picked up with Season 1, which I convinced her to start, and Harsh joined me for the second half. And I know no one is reading this blog to hear about my GoT reactions, but I swear I had at least 10 heart attacks. And stress-ate all of my Oreos and a bunch of Honey Cheerios—yikes.

Once the episode was done, Siqi stopped by our room and the four of us chatted for a bit. And with that, the day was done! I'm happy it was so active, and that I made new friends and may or may not be a marginally better dancer. We're all also getting increasingly excited about leaving for NAMIBIA the day after tomorrow...whaaaat?! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!