Hello, Long Weekend!

Whew! Definitely feeling the after-effects of our late night yesterday. Heba and I were falling asleep while quietly discussing spirituality, when all of a sudden our conversation devolved into thinking about eggs, which seemed to be a clear sign that we needed to wake up at 6am for breakfast. So after turning out the lights around 3am, we woke up a mere three hours later and had a breakfast of chicken bologna, scrambled eggs, and Rice Krispies. Then we went back to our room and fell asleep until I had to wake up at 7:30am for tutoring. I went back to sleep immediately as Heba woke up for her first tutoring session, and we both taught Cultural Literacy at 11:10am. A very confusing morning haha, but definitely worth it

Cultural Literacy was the most notable part of today. Since it was the penultimate period before a long weekend, I gave the two students the choice of continuing our work on resumes or just chilling, and they opted to ask questions and talk about all of our lives. I found everything they shared fascinating, and I'm glad that Heba joined us after a bit and that the four of us were able to have a smaller personal conversation. Both students talked about how they anticipate gaining perspective from the time they'll spend at home this weekend. One lives in a rural village, and views life there as being so much more relaxed, as compared to the pressures of school. Though she does have to do more chores, cooking, and caring for younger siblings at home while she says everything is more or less "handed to her on a silver platter" at MaP. They both told us more about how social life works at MaP (particularly the advantages of meeting such a diverse group of international students of different races and religions), and we randomly got into topics like mob justice, Batswana relations with neighboring countries, and so on. Since in the past I've felt as though the interns sometimes talk too much during this class, it was especially nice to hear the students also feeling comfortable speaking about themselves and taking up space!

Next, Heba and I had a quick lunch with Taone, Donald, and Keletso (all MaP graduates and TAs) and grabbed a P16 brownie sundae each from the Bean Bag to celebrate a great week.

As for our plans for the weekend, Heba, Donald, Zach, and Sam (Zach's younger brother and a Roxbury Latin exchange student) are all staying on campus, while Jazil, Harsh, Siqi, Jocelyn, Fred (from Oxford), Jack, and I leave for Namibia later tonight. Have I started packing yet? No. But I did go to Choppies by myself for the first time today and picked up a few snacks for the 6-hour car ride to Joberg!

Our plan is for our cab driver to pick us up in a 9-person van at MaP at 9pm, cross the notoriously strict border before it closes at either 10pm or midnight (some confusion here), drive through the night, and chill at the Joberg airport until our 6am flight in the morning! I'm hoping to sleep through the car ride if I can (must sit next to someone comfortable), and I borrowed a few books from the library for our two short flights and any downtime.

I'm looking forward to everything. I was in charge of planning activities for this trip, and we're going quad biking and sandboarding in the desert dunes on Friday afternoon, sea kayaking to see sea lion (and hopefully dolphins??) on Saturday morning, and maybe hiking Dune 7 per Jack's suggestion on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. I'd also love a chance to explore Swakopmund a bit, and I know we're allllll ready for some seafood. YUM!!!!! Cannot wait. It's going to be our first excursion out of Gabs so far this summer, and Swakopmund is supposed to have the most incredible landscape ever, with ocean sand dunes meeting desert sand dunes. 100% bringing my camera, and hoping to take some cool shots.

I better get packing now, and I'll post photos and adventure stories on the other side! Happy Sir Seretse Khama Day (the reason for our long weekend) to all!