Top 3 Moments of Day 3

The Harvards just spent the past three hours struggling (like actually) to book flights and accommodations for our upcoming excursions around southern Africa, and it's now bedtime, so I'll keep this brief!

Here are my 3 highlights of today:

1. Finding a path to run around the school! I was a bit nervous that I was lost about 50% of the time, but it felt so good to run on the dusty dirt paths in shorts and my Cabot bro tank with the sun beating down this afternoon.

2. Being invited to join the first meeting for developing a peer mentoring program for MaP scholarship students, who leave their families and homes in order to attend the school as boarders free of charge. The six girls participating each discussed their personal experiences with their family situations, leaving home, and seeking a sense of belonging in the boarding house, and it was so great to get that super personal glimpse into their lives. I really appreciated that they felt comfortable talking about some really tough times with each other, and their experiences also help me understand the school community better as a whole.

3. Our little travel coordinating session this evening. :) All of us sitting sprawled in Heba and my room felt so cozy and warm, and it was 1) chill bonding time, and 2) super productive! Our upcoming trips now feel super real. We booked tickets and an Air b&b for Namibia for our three day weekend, and plan on finalizing plans for Victoria Falls/a safari for one four-day weekend as well as travels in South Africa for our final week here.

A lovely day, despite not sleeping well last night! One bonus fun fact is how strongly one teacher felt about why a liberal arts education is pointless. It seems as though the teaching staff is pretty split on this issue, with Americans on the liberal arts side and everyone else on the other; and it was interesting to hear the arguments against an educational system I currently participate in and consider ideal for me.

Also, extra bonus quote of the day. Heba, on what time we should wake up for a 7am assembly: "So, 6:50?" Our lives in a nutshell.

Okay, that's it for real now. SO excited to catch up on some some sleep (I'm realizing that this is probably how every blog post will end). Night!