Just Kidding

Hey fam,

After my first week of orientation, I'm realizing that keeping a consistent blog for the duration of this semester isn't for me. First of all, packed 8am - 6pm days make it seem pretty unrealistic to think that I can write daily posts on top of balancing commitments to academics, a social life, my host family, experiencing new places, etc. Also, a lot of what I'm doing and learning so far (from framing food security as political to discussing privilege and positionality in relation to environmental justice) has led to more personal reflections that I'm not super inclined to throw on a public blog. Other concerns include shouting into the void without the fulfillment of a back-and-forth, imminent lack of wifi, and either choosing what to do or how to communicate my experiences based on the knowledge that it'll eventually be read by an audience.

SO my solution, which I'll be starting this weekend, is to compile a contact list of friends who are interested in receiving weekly email updates about a bit of everything, from what I'm learning/eating/doing to where we are and what's on my mind. If you'd like to be included in this, please feel free to let me know! I just request that folks respond to at least one email over the course of the next four months with reflections on any of it or updates of their own. Disclaimer that the messages will probably be full of photographs, a mix of depressing facts (psychological impacts of climate change on displaced children; Trump removing info from the EPA's website) and hopeful facts (kelp sequesters 5x more carbon than any land plant! And is delicious, as I discovered yesterday...) about climate change, and my own rambling ruminations; but if you're into that, I'd love if we could stay in touch even from afar.

And I might try to post something every now and then if I have a few hours to spare—maybe I'll make it a goal to post while waiting in airports?—but just wanted to give the heads up that this site may be mighty quiet for a while.

Thanks for reading!