I am a writer, designer, and researcher working to understand and communicate how environmental change affects human health.

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I am interested in the potential of digital storytelling and new technologies to educate people and activate civic society, particularly around issues of climate change, public health and social justice. I hope to: 1) investigate how media both reflect and shape perspectives, institutions and society, and 2) create stories, art and technology for social benefit.

I have experience writing about biomedical research (The Jackson Laboratory, 2015), serving as News-Multimedia Executive for the Crimson (Harvard University, 2015), supporting student-led activism for food and water security (Maru-a-Pula School, Botswana, 2016), designing and developing a web tool that promotes participatory urban planning (UCSD Design Lab, 2017), researching how mobile health apps can more effectively support people with serious mental illness (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Digital Psychiatry Division, 2018) and producing a film about forms of and access to health care in northeastern Madagascar (Planetary Health Undergraduate Scholars Program, 2018). My work has been screened by the World Bank and World Health Organization, exhibited in art shows and presented at an international conference for computer-human interaction.

I graduated from Harvard University in 2018 with majors in Visual and Environmental Studies (focus in nonfiction filmmaking) and Computer Science. I am currently based out of Colombo, Sri Lanka for a year-long fellowship at the International Water Management Institute.

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